In which areas does CdotFree offer service?
Service is currently available in the listed areas.Will I get disconnected if I have periods of inactivity or if I stay online too long?
No, CdotFree does not utilize any timers on your usage.

Long distance charges?
If you think that you might be charged long distance fees, then try the program out for 3 mins, and wait and see if there are any charges on your phone bill.

If there is no charges on the bill you can use the program without any fees.

Why is this service free?
this service is Ad-Financed.

Where can i find your Privacy Policy Statement?
The Privacy Policy Statement is located here

I am not able to install the program?
This program uses the .net environment, and as a result requires the latest version of .net 3.5 install in order to work. To ensure this program works correctly, please ensure your PC is fully updated via windows update.

Why does my anti-virus program finds cdotfree application as a threat?
PROBABLY a false-positive, since we are not registered application developer, some anti-virus programs might find our application as a threat. To overcome this problem include cdotfree in the anti-virus scan exclusion section.

What does Error 680 mean?
Error 680 means that there is no dial tone, so make sure that lines are plugged correctly and there is a dial tone.